An awful lot of time and effort has gone into making lift the great bit of software it is today - so, to honor this effort, we felt it only right to honor those who have generously donated time to the project.

David Pollak – Founder

David Pollak has been writing commercial software since 1977. He wrote the first real-time spreadsheet and the worlds highest performance spreadsheet engine. Since 1996, David has been using and devising web development tools. As CTO of CMP Media, David oversaw the first large-scale deployment of WebLogic. David was CTO and VPE at Cenzic, a web application security company. David has also developed numerous commercial projects in Ruby on Rails. In 2007, David founded the Lift Framework open source project.

Tyler Weir

Currently a co-founder of Roboboogie Studios. In my former jobs I worked on compilers, desktop business apps and web applications. Along with Derek and Marius, I'm a co-author of the upcoming Lift book.

Derek Chen-Becker

A senior network engineer for a large company. I've been doing software development for over 14 years, with 12 years of Java experience. I started working with Scala 2 years ago and I've been working heavily with Lift since version 0.2 came out.

Indrajit Raychaudhuri

Indrajit manages Lift's builds and build environment including some serious mastery of both Maven and SBT.

Vassil Dichev

Vassil is a Lift user in the ESME project and contributes to Lift's TestKit.

Mads Hartmann Jensen

Mads is a energetic young developer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He's been a Lift committer since January 2010 and has been working on different parts of Lift. As part of his Google Summer of Code project in 2010 he created Lifty to make Lift developers more productive . When he's not caught up in various open source projects he's getting his bachelor in software development at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Jeppe Nejsum Madsen

Co-founder and CTO of FleetZone, a company that builds a SaaS platform for fleet management (based on Lift of course!).

Tim Nelson

Freelance developer located in Minnesota. Tim has been a Lift committer since 2010 and maintains Lift's MongoDB code.

Andreas Joseph Krogh

No description available.

Torsten Uhlmann

No description available.

Dave Whittaker

Dave maintains Lift's Squeryl-Record code.

Ján Raška

Ján contributes to Lift's Squeryl-Record code.

Franz Bettag

Black Belt DevOp, CEO and Developer located in Nuremberg, Germany. Franz has written some excellent examples for Lift and gave an awesome presentation about Lift and Akka at the Scala Lift Off London 2011. He's been active in the Community for quite some time and became Lift committer in January 2012.

Diego Medina

Diego is a super helpful, super excellent, super nice, and super skilled member of the Lift community. He's been active in the Community for quite some time and became Lift committer in March 2012.

Peter Petersson

Peter is a senior Java developer and a system developer at Avalon Innovation. He's been active in the Community for some time and became Lift committer in May 2012.

Reuben Doetsch

Reuben, CTO and developer, is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Joe Barnes

Joe is currently a Senior Software Architect at Mentor Graphics where he leads development of cloud-based web solutions. He has spent most of the last decade developing applications on the JVM, with Scala taking focus in recent projects. After extensive work on the lift-ng module, he became a Lift committer in July 2014. Occasionally Joe can be found on the NFJS Tour Series.


As Lift has grown, the team has expanded and contracted over time. However, the work done by team members that are not currently active also deserves credit, so they are listed here as Alumni members.

Timothy Perrett

Technical Architect / Geek / Open source junkie - specializes in systems integration for manufacturing and workflow systems. Has been working with Scala since the end of 07' and before that was working with Java, Ruby and Objective-C extensively for a number of years. Also a repentant Rails convert. Whilst not working on Lift I work for an Israeli startup designing systems for techno-marketing and on-demand publishing.

Marius Danciu

Marius has been a committer for more than an year now contributing with design and development of new features as well as fixing defects. I discovered Scala about 2-3 years ago and coming from Java world it's needless to say how much that impressed me. For the past 6 years I've been architecting,designing and developing server side Java applications orbiting around synchronization technologies such as SyncML. Before that I've been doing C/C++ programming.

Jonathan Hoffman

Jon crontributed Lift's image management library and puts Lift to the test every day.

Debby Meredith

I'm a currently an engineering management consultant and a venture partner at JAFCO Ventures. I work hands-on with company founders, helping to assemble world class teams, architect software products and roadmaps, and establish operational processes to build success from the beginning. Previously, I was a venture partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, VP Eng at Netscape, VP Eng at Collabra Software, VP Eng at Slate Software, and had key technical positions at Metaphor Computer Systems, Logitech, and Bell Laboratories.

Heiko Seeberger

Heiko Seeberger is an OSGi expert and Scala enthusiast. He is managing director of WeigleWilczek, a German consulting company specializing in Scala and other cool technologies. Heiko is also an active open source committer, e.g. to Lift, Akka and ScalaModules.

Jonas Bonér

Jonas Bonér is a programmer, mentor, speaker and author who spends most of his time consulting, hacking Scala as well as lecturing and speaking at developer conferences world-wide. He has worked at Terracotta, the JRockit JVM at BEA and is an active contributor to the Open Source community; most notably created the AspectWerkz Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework, committer to the Terracotta JVM clustering technology and been part of the Eclipse AspectJ team. He is a passionate Scala and FP enthusiast and a programming languages geek in general.

Jorge Ortiz

Jorge Ortiz has programmed in C/C++, Java, Ruby, and Python before settling on Scala as his language of choice. He presented Scala and Lift at JavaOne 2008's ScriptBowl. He has taught a class on Scala at Stanford University and one on Lift with David Pollak.

Eric Torreborre

Eric runs the Specs project and contributes to Lift's test suite and testing methodology.

Ross Mellgren

Ross writes and maintains much of Lift's Record NoSQL code.

Harry Heymann

Harry contributed Lift's OAuth module and writes a lot of code that makes hard-core real-world use of Lift.

David Bernard

No description available.

Kris Nuttycombe

No description available.

Steve Jenson

Steve added the XMPP and AMQP components of Lift. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and cats and works at Twitter, Inc.

Daniel Green

Daniel Green is a FLOSS advocate and musician from the Boston area.

Alex Boisvert

No description available..

Alex Payne

No description available..

Burak Emir

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Philipp Schmidt

No description available..

Maciek Starzyk

No description available..

Julien Wetterwald

No description available..

Stepan Koltsov

No description available..

Viktor Klang

A Senior Systems Analyst / Architect / Project Manager / Developer / whatnot at a large company. I've been doing enterprise-level software development the past 7 years, I've gone through quite a few programming languages but for the past 9 years it's been Java, and the past 2 years I've been into Scala adventures.

Chris Wilkes

No description available..

Al Thompson

No description available..

Francois Bertrand

No description available..

Lift 3.3.0

2018/07/21 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.3.0.

Lift 3.2.0

2018/01/27 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0.

Lift 3.2.0-RC1

2017/12/16 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0-RC1.

Lift 3.2.0-M3

2017/11/16 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0-M3.

Lift 3.2.0-M2

2017/09/15 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0-M2.

Lift 3.2.0-M1

2017/07/23 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0-M1.

Lift 3.1.0

2017/07/02 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.1.0 final.

Lift 3.1.0-RC1

2017/06/18 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.1.0-RC1.

Lift 3.1.0-M3

2017/05/20 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.1.0-M3.

Lift 3.1.0-M2

2017/04/13 The Lift team is proud to announce the release of Lift 3.1.0-M2.

Lift Books

Entwicklung von Web-Applikationen mit Lift und Scala by Thomas Fiedler and Christoph Knabe.

Simply Lift, by David Pollak is an open source book, available for free in both PDF and HTML versions at

Exploring Lift, by Derek Chen-Becker, Tyler Weir, and Marius Danciu is an open source book, available for free in both PDF and HTML versions at

Lift In Action by Tim Perrett is available in print and eBook format.

Lift Cookbook A community question and answers book, free at

Lift Web Applications How-to by Torsten Uhlmann is available in print and eBook format.

Lift Application Development Cookbook by Gilberto T. Garcia Jr. is available in print and eBook format.