package squerylrecord

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Type Members

  1. trait CRUDify[K, T <: Record[T] with KeyedEntity[K]] extends Crudify

  2. trait KeyedRecord[K] extends IndirectKeyedEntity[K, MandatoryTypedField[K]]

    Trait to mix into records that have a primary key.

  3. class RecordMetaDataFactory extends FieldMetaDataFactory

    FieldMetaDataFactory that allows Squeryl to use Records as model objects.

  4. trait RecordTypeMode extends PrimitiveTypeMode

  5. trait SquerylRecordField extends AnyRef

    This trait has to be extended for new fields that are derived from net.

  6. trait SquerylRecordNonNumericalExpression[T] extends AnyRef

    Record-Specific extensions to non-numerical Squeryl Expressions.

  7. trait SquerylRecordNumericalExpression[T] extends AnyRef

    Record-Specific extensions to numerical Squeryl Expressions.

Value Members

  1. object RecordTypeMode extends RecordTypeMode

    All methods from this object should be imported when creating queries using the Squeryl DSL with lift records.

  2. object SquerylRecord extends Loggable

    Object containing initialization logic for the Squeryl/Record integration