package rest

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Type Members

  1. trait Continuation extends AnyRef

  2. case class ContinuationKey(path: ParsePath, reqType: RequestType) extends Product with Serializable

  3. trait JsonXmlAble extends AnyRef

    A trait that can be mixed into an class (probably a case class) so that the class can be converted automatically into JSON or XML

  4. sealed trait JsonXmlSelect extends AnyRef

    This trait is part of the ADT that allows the choice between

  5. final class ListServeMagic extends AnyRef

    Do some magic to prefix path patterns with a single List

  6. trait RestHelper extends DispatchPF

    Mix this trait into a class to provide a list of REST helper methods

  7. trait XMLApiHelper extends AnyRef

    Mix this trait into your REST service provider to convert between different response types and a LiftResponse.

Value Members

  1. object ContinuationsStore extends SessionVar[HashMap[ContinuationKey, Continuation]]

  2. object JsonSelect extends JsonXmlSelect with Product with Serializable

    The Type for JSON

  3. object RestContinuation

    Provides a generic way of sending asynchronous response to HTTP clients.

  4. object XmlSelect extends JsonXmlSelect with Product with Serializable

    The type for XML