package record

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Type Members

  1. trait BaseField extends FieldIdentifier with util.BaseField

    Base trait of record fields, with functionality common to any type of field owned by any type of record

  2. trait DisplayWithLabel[OwnerType <: Record[OwnerType]] extends OwnedField[OwnerType]

    Mix in to a field to change its form display to be formatted with the label aside.

  3. trait ExpandoRecord[MyType <: Record[MyType] with ExpandoRecord[MyType]] extends AnyRef

  4. trait Field[ThisType, OwnerType <: Record[OwnerType]] extends OwnedField[OwnerType] with TypedField[ThisType]

    A simple field that can store and retrieve a value of a given type

  5. trait KeyField[MyType, OwnerType <: Record[OwnerType] with KeyedRecord[OwnerType, MyType]] extends Field[MyType, OwnerType]

  6. trait KeyedRecord[MyType <: KeyedRecord[MyType, KeyType], KeyType] extends Record[MyType]

  7. trait LifecycleCallbacks extends AnyRef

  8. trait MandatoryTypedField[ThisType] extends TypedField[ThisType] with Product1[ThisType]

  9. trait MegaProtoUser[T <: MegaProtoUser[T]] extends ProtoUser[T]

    ProtoUser is bare bones.

  10. trait MetaMegaProtoUser[ModelType <: MegaProtoUser[ModelType]] extends MetaRecord[ModelType] with proto.ProtoUser

    Mix this trait into the Mapper singleton for User and you get a bunch of user functionality including password reset, etc.

  11. trait MetaRecord[BaseRecord <: Record[BaseRecord]] extends AnyRef

    Holds meta information and operations on a record

  12. trait OptionalTypedField[ThisType] extends TypedField[ThisType] with Product1[Box[ThisType]]

  13. trait OwnedField[OwnerType <: Record[OwnerType]] extends BaseField

    Refined trait for fields owned by a particular record type

  14. trait ProtoUser[T <: ProtoUser[T]] extends Record[T]

    ProtoUser provides a "User" with a first name, last name, email, etc.

  15. trait Record[MyType <: Record[MyType]] extends FieldContainer

  16. trait TypedField[ThisType] extends BaseField

    Refined trait for fields holding a particular value type

Value Members

  1. object FieldHelpers

  2. object RecordHelpers

  3. object RecordRules extends Factory

  4. package field