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Type Members

  1. abstract class FormProcessor extends AnyRef

    This class can be used to act on all submitted values in one block of code.

  2. trait ItemsList[T <: Mapper[T]] extends AnyRef

    Keeps track of pending adds to and removes from a list of mappers.

  3. trait ItemsListEditor[T <: Mapper[T]] extends AnyRef

    General trait to edit an ItemsList.

  4. class MapperPaginator[T <: Mapper[T]] extends Paginator[T]

    Paginate mapper instances by supplying the model you wish to paginate and Paginator will run your query for you etc.

  5. class MapperPaginatorSnippet[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MapperPaginator[T] with PaginatorSnippet[T]

    Convenience class that combines MapperPaginator with PaginatorSnippet

  6. trait ModelSnippet[T <: Mapper[T]] extends StatefulSnippet

    A snippet that can list and edit items of a particular Mapper class This trait can help reduce boilerplate in the common scenario where you want a snippet class to provide list and edit snippets for a specific Mapper class.

  7. class ModelView[T <: Mapper[T]] extends AnyRef

    A wrapper around a Mapper that provides view-related utilities.

  8. trait PaginatedModelSnippet[T <: Mapper[T]] extends ModelSnippet[T]

    Helper for when using paginators with a ModelSnippet.

  9. class SortedMapperPaginator[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MapperPaginator[T] with SortedPaginator[T, MappedField[_, T]]

    Implements MapperPaginator and SortedPaginator.

  10. class SortedMapperPaginatorSnippet[T <: Mapper[T]] extends SortedMapperPaginator[T] with SortedPaginatorSnippet[T, MappedField[_, T]]

    Convenience class that combines SortedMapperPaginator and SortedPaginatorSnippet.

  11. class TableEditorImpl[T <: Mapper[T]] extends ItemsListEditor[T]

    This class does the actual view binding against a ItemsList.

Value Members

  1. object TableEditor

    Holds a registry of TableEditor delegates Call TableEditor.

  2. object Util

    Provides a number of methods that make complex Mapper-based view snippets easier to build.

  3. package snippet