package record

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Type Members

  1. trait BsonMetaRecord[BaseRecord <: BsonRecord[BaseRecord]] extends MetaRecord[BaseRecord] with JsonFormats

    Specialized MetaRecord that deals with BsonRecords

  2. trait BsonRecord[MyType <: BsonRecord[MyType]] extends Record[MyType]

    Specialized Record that can be encoded and decoded from BSON (DBObject)

  3. trait MongoMetaRecord[BaseRecord <: MongoRecord[BaseRecord]] extends BsonMetaRecord[BaseRecord] with MongoMeta[BaseRecord]

  4. trait MongoRecord[MyType <: MongoRecord[MyType]] extends BsonRecord[MyType]

  5. trait MongoId[OwnerType <: MongoRecord[OwnerType]] extends AnyRef

    Mix this into a Record to add an ObjectIdField

Value Members

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