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  1. trait AjaxEditableField[FieldType, OwnerType <: Mapper[OwnerType]] extends MappedField[FieldType, OwnerType]

    This trait can be added to existing Mapper fields to make them use AjaxUtils.

  2. trait AscOrDesc extends AnyRef

  3. trait BaseForeignKey extends BaseMappedField

    A trait that defines foreign key references

  4. sealed trait BaseIndex[A <: Mapper[A]] extends AnyRef

  5. trait BaseIndexedField extends BaseMappedField

  6. trait BaseKeyedMapper extends BaseMapper

  7. trait BaseLongKeyedMapper extends BaseKeyedMapper

  8. trait BaseMappedField extends SelectableField with Bindable with MixableMappedField with Serializable

    The base (not Typed) trait that defines a field that is mapped to a column or more than 1 column (e.

  9. trait BaseMapper extends FieldContainer

  10. trait BaseMetaMapper extends AnyRef

  11. trait BaseOwnedMappedField[OwnerType <: Mapper[OwnerType]] extends BaseMappedField

  12. case class BoundedIndexField[A <: Mapper[A]](field: MappedField[String, A], len: Int) extends IndexItem[A] with Product with Serializable

  13. sealed trait BoxedStringToken extends AnyRef

  14. final case class ByList[O <: Mapper[O], T](field: MappedField[T, O], vals: Seq[T]) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  15. final case class BySql[O <: Mapper[O]](query: String, checkedBy: IHaveValidatedThisSQL, params: Any*) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

    Represents a query criterion using a parameterized SQL string.

  16. trait CRUDify[KeyType, CrudType <: KeyedMapper[KeyType, CrudType]] extends Crudify

    This trait automatically adds CRUD (Create, read, update and delete) operations to an existing MetaMapper object.

  17. final case class Cmp[O <: Mapper[O], T](field: MappedField[T, O], opr: Value, value: Box[T], otherField: Box[MappedField[T, O]], dbFunc: Box[String]) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  18. type ConnectionIdentifier = ConnectionIdentifier

    Definition Classes
  19. type ConnectionManager = ConnectionManager

    Definition Classes
  20. trait CreatedTrait extends AnyRef

    A trait you can mix into a Mapper class that gives you a createdat column

  21. trait CreatedUpdated extends CreatedTrait with UpdatedTrait

    Mix this trait into your Mapper instance to get createdAt and updatedAt fields.

  22. trait DBIndexed extends BaseMappedField

    Mix this trait into a BaseMappedField and it will be indexed

  23. type DBLogEntry = DBLogEntry

    Definition Classes
  24. trait DefaultMillis extends TypedField[Long]

    Mix with MappedLong to give a default time of millis

  25. final case class Distinct[O <: Mapper[O]]() extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  26. type DriverType = DriverType

    Definition Classes
  27. class FieldFinder[T] extends AnyRef

  28. final case class GenericIndex[A <: Mapper[A]](createFunc: (String, List[String]) ⇒ String, validated: IHaveValidatedThisSQL, columns: List[IndexItem[A]]) extends BaseIndex[A] with Product with Serializable

    Represents a generic user-specified index on the given columns.

  29. trait HasApplyBoxString[T] extends AnyRef

  30. class HasManyThrough[From <: KeyedMapper[ThroughType, From], To <: Mapper[To], Through <: Mapper[Through], ThroughType] extends LifecycleCallbacks

  31. case class IHaveValidatedThisSQL(who: String, date: String) extends Product with Serializable

  32. trait IdPK extends AnyRef

  33. final case class Ignore[O <: Mapper[O]]() extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  34. final case class InRaw[TheType <: Mapper[TheType], T](field: MappedField[T, TheType], rawSql: String, checkedBy: IHaveValidatedThisSQL) extends QueryParam[TheType] with Product with Serializable

  35. sealed abstract class InThing[OuterType <: Mapper[OuterType]] extends QueryParam[OuterType]

  36. final case class Index[A <: Mapper[A]](columns: List[IndexItem[A]]) extends BaseIndex[A] with Product with Serializable

  37. case class IndexField[A <: Mapper[A], T](field: MappedField[T, A]) extends IndexItem[A] with Product with Serializable

  38. abstract class IndexItem[A <: Mapper[A]] extends AnyRef

  39. trait IndexedField[O] extends BaseIndexedField

  40. class KeyObfuscator extends AnyRef

  41. trait KeyedMapper[KeyType, OwnerType <: KeyedMapper[KeyType, OwnerType]] extends Mapper[OwnerType] with BaseKeyedMapper

  42. trait KeyedMetaMapper[Type, A <: KeyedMapper[Type, A]] extends MetaMapper[A] with KeyedMapper[Type, A]

  43. trait LifecycleCallbacks extends AnyRef

  44. trait LongCRUDify[CrudType <: KeyedMapper[Long, CrudType]] extends CRUDify[Long, CrudType]

    A specialization of CRUDify for LongKeyedMetaMappers.

  45. trait LongKeyedMapper[OwnerType <: LongKeyedMapper[OwnerType]] extends KeyedMapper[Long, OwnerType] with BaseLongKeyedMapper

  46. trait LongKeyedMetaMapper[A <: LongKeyedMapper[A]] extends KeyedMetaMapper[Long, A]

  47. trait ManyToMany extends BaseKeyedMapper

    Add this trait to a Mapper to add support for many-to-many relationships

  48. abstract class MappedBinary[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Array[Byte], T]

  49. abstract class MappedBirthYear[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedInt[T]

    A field that holds the birth year for the user

  50. abstract class MappedBoolean[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Boolean, T]

  51. abstract class MappedCountry[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedEnum[T, net.liftweb.mapper.Countries.type]

  52. abstract class MappedDate[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Date, T]

    Represents a date without hour, minute or second fields.

  53. abstract class MappedDateTime[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Date, T]

  54. abstract class MappedDecimal[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[BigDecimal, T]

    A field that maps to a decimal value.

  55. abstract class MappedDouble[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Double, T]

  56. abstract class MappedEmail[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

  57. abstract class MappedEnum[T <: Mapper[T], ENUM <: Enumeration] extends MappedField[Value, T]

    Warning: Do not use unnamed Enumerations with 2.

  58. abstract class MappedEnumList[T <: Mapper[T], ENUM <: Enumeration] extends MappedField[Seq[Value], T]

  59. abstract class MappedFakeClob[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[String, T]

  60. trait MappedField[FieldType, OwnerType <: Mapper[OwnerType]] extends TypedField[FieldType] with BaseOwnedMappedField[OwnerType] with FieldIdentifier with PSettableValueHolder[FieldType] with Equals

    The strongly typed field that's mapped to a column (or many columns) in the database.

  61. trait MappedForeignKey[KeyType, MyOwner <: Mapper[MyOwner], Other <: KeyedMapper[KeyType, Other]] extends MappedField[KeyType, MyOwner] with LifecycleCallbacks

    The Trait that defines a field that is mapped to a foreign key

  62. abstract class MappedGender[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedEnum[T, net.liftweb.mapper.Genders.type]

  63. abstract class MappedInt[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Int, T]

  64. abstract class MappedIntIndex[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedInt[T] with IndexedField[Int]

  65. abstract class MappedLocale[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

  66. abstract class MappedLong[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Long, T]

  67. abstract class MappedLongForeignKey[T <: Mapper[T], O <: KeyedMapper[Long, O]] extends MappedLong[T] with MappedForeignKey[Long, T, O] with BaseForeignKey

  68. abstract class MappedLongIndex[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedLong[T] with IndexedField[Long]

  69. trait MappedNullableField[NullableFieldType, OwnerType <: Mapper[OwnerType]] extends MappedField[Box[NullableFieldType], OwnerType]

    A Mapped field that is Nullable in the database.

  70. abstract class MappedNullableLong[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedNullableField[Long, T]

  71. abstract class MappedPassword[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[String, T]

  72. abstract class MappedPoliteString[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

    Just like MappedString, except it's defaultValue is "" and the length is auto-cropped to fit in the column

  73. abstract class MappedPostalCode[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

  74. abstract class MappedString[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[String, T] with StringValidators with HasApplyBoxString[T]

  75. abstract class MappedStringForeignKey[T <: Mapper[T], O <: KeyedMapper[String, O]] extends MappedString[T] with MappedForeignKey[String, T, O] with BaseForeignKey

  76. abstract class MappedStringIndex[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedUniqueId[T] with IndexedField[String]

  77. abstract class MappedText[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[String, T]

  78. abstract class MappedTextarea[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

  79. abstract class MappedTime[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedField[Date, T]

    Represents a time with hour, minute and second fields.

  80. abstract class MappedTimeZone[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

  81. abstract class MappedUniqueId[T <: Mapper[T]] extends MappedString[T]

  82. trait Mapper[A <: Mapper[A]] extends BaseMapper with Serializable

  83. class MapperException extends Exception

  84. final case class MaxRows[O <: Mapper[O]](max: Long) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  85. trait MegaProtoUser[T <: MegaProtoUser[T]] extends ProtoUser[T]

    ProtoUser is bare bones.

  86. trait MetaMapper[A <: Mapper[A]] extends BaseMetaMapper with Mapper[A]

  87. trait MetaMegaProtoUser[ModelType <: MegaProtoUser[ModelType]] extends KeyedMetaMapper[Long, ModelType] with ProtoUser

    Mix this trait into the the Mapper singleton for User and you get a bunch of user functionality including password reset, etc.

  88. trait MetaProtoExtendedSession[T <: ProtoExtendedSession[T]] extends KeyedMetaMapper[Long, T]

  89. trait MetaProtoTag[ModelType <: ProtoTag[ModelType]] extends KeyedMetaMapper[Long, ModelType]

  90. trait MixableMappedField extends BaseField

    This is the supertrait of all traits that can be mixed into a MappedField.

  91. sealed trait NullOrder extends AnyRef

  92. trait OneToMany[K, T <: KeyedMapper[K, T]] extends KeyedMapper[K, T]

    Add this trait to a Mapper for managed one-to-many support For example: class Contact extends LongKeyedMapper[Contact] with OneToMany[Long, Contact] { .

  93. final case class OrderBy[O <: Mapper[O], T](field: MappedField[T, O], order: AscOrDesc, nullOrder: Box[NullOrder]) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  94. final case class OrderBySql[O <: Mapper[O]](sql: String, checkedBy: IHaveValidatedThisSQL) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  95. final case class PreCache[TheType <: Mapper[TheType], FieldType, OtherType <: KeyedMapper[FieldType, OtherType]](field: MappedForeignKey[FieldType, TheType, OtherType], deterministic: Boolean) extends QueryParam[TheType] with Product with Serializable

    This QueryParam can be put in a query and will cause the given foreign key field to be precached.

  96. trait ProtoExtendedSession[T <: ProtoExtendedSession[T]] extends KeyedMapper[Long, T]

  97. abstract class ProtoTag[MyType <: ProtoTag[MyType]] extends KeyedMapper[Long, MyType] with Ordered[MyType]

  98. trait ProtoUser[T <: ProtoUser[T]] extends KeyedMapper[Long, T] with UserIdAsString

    ProtoUser is a base class that gives you a "User" that has a first name, last name, email, etc.

  99. sealed trait QueryParam[O <: Mapper[O]] extends AnyRef

  100. trait SelectableField extends AnyRef

  101. type StandardDBVendor = StandardDBVendor

    Definition Classes
  102. final case class StartAt[O <: Mapper[O]](start: Long) extends QueryParam[O] with Product with Serializable

  103. trait StopValidationOnError[T] extends (T) ⇒ List[FieldError]

    If this trait is mixed into a validation function, the validation for a field will stop if this validation function returns an error

  104. type SuperConnection = SuperConnection

    Definition Classes
  105. trait TypedField[FieldType] extends AnyRef

  106. final case class UniqueIndex[A <: Mapper[A]](columns: List[IndexItem[A]]) extends BaseIndex[A] with Product with Serializable

    Represents a unique index on the given columns

  107. trait UpdatedTrait extends AnyRef

    A trait you can mix into a Mapper class that gives you an updatedat column

  108. trait UserIdAsString extends AnyRef

  109. trait ValidateLength extends MixableMappedField

    Mix this trait into a MappedString and it will add maximum length validation to the MappedString

  110. trait LongMappedForeignMapper[T <: Mapper[T], O <: KeyedMapper[Long, O]] extends MappedLongForeignKey[T, O]


    (Since version 2.4) Functionality folded into MappedForeignKey, so just use MappedLongForeignKey. Will be removed in 2.5

  111. class LongMappedMapper[T <: Mapper[T], O <: KeyedMapper[Long, O]] extends MappedLongForeignKey[T, O]


    (Since version 2.4) Functionality folded into MappedForeignKey, so just use MappedLongForeignKey. Will be removed in 2.5

Value Members

  1. object Ascending extends AscOrDesc with Product with Serializable

  2. object BoxedStringToken extends AnyRef

  3. object By extends AnyRef

  4. object ByRef extends AnyRef

  5. object By_< extends AnyRef

  6. object By_<= extends AnyRef

  7. object By_> extends AnyRef

  8. object By_>= extends AnyRef

  9. object Countries extends Enumeration

  10. object DB extends DB1

  11. def DBLogEntry: net.liftweb.db.DBLogEntry.type

    Definition Classes
  12. def DefaultConnectionIdentifier: net.liftweb.db.DefaultConnectionIdentifier.type

    Definition Classes
  13. object Descending extends AscOrDesc with Product with Serializable

  14. def DriverType: net.liftweb.db.DriverType.type

    Definition Classes
  15. object Genders extends Enumeration

  16. object GenericIndex extends Serializable

  17. object In extends AnyRef

  18. object Index extends Serializable

  19. object Like extends AnyRef

  20. object MappedEmail extends Serializable

  21. object MappedField extends Serializable

  22. object MappedForeignKey extends Serializable

  23. object MappedPassword extends Serializable

  24. object MappedTimeZone extends Serializable

  25. object MapperRules extends Factory

    Rules and functions shared by all Mappers

  26. object NotBy extends AnyRef

  27. object NotByRef extends AnyRef

  28. object NotIn extends AnyRef

  29. object NotLike extends AnyRef

  30. object NotNullRef extends AnyRef

  31. object NullRef extends AnyRef

  32. object NullsFirst extends NullOrder with Product with Serializable

  33. object NullsLast extends NullOrder with Product with Serializable

  34. object OprEnum extends Enumeration

  35. object OrderBy extends Serializable

  36. object PreCache extends Serializable

  37. object Schemifier extends Loggable

    Given a list of MetaMappers, make sure the database has the right schema

  38. object StopValidationOnError extends AnyRef

  39. object UniqueIndex extends Serializable

  40. package view

Deprecated Value Members

  1. def Safe: net.liftweb.util.Safe.type

    Definition Classes

    (Since version 2.4) Use util.Safe instead.