package db

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Type Members

  1. abstract class BasePostgreSQLDriver extends DriverType

    Provides some base definitions for PostgreSql databases.

  2. trait ConnectionIdentifier extends AnyRef

  3. trait ConnectionManager extends AnyRef

    Vend JDBC connections

  4. trait DB extends Loggable

  5. trait DB1 extends AnyRef

  6. trait DBLog extends AnyRef

    This trait is applied to JDBC statements and similar constructs that can log operations.

  7. trait DBLogEntry extends AnyRef

  8. case class DBMetaEntry(statement: String, duration: Long) extends DBLogEntry with Product with Serializable

  9. case class DBStatementEntry(statement: String, duration: Long) extends DBLogEntry with Product with Serializable

  10. abstract class DriverType extends AnyRef

    JDBC Driver Abstraction base class.

  11. trait ProtoDBVendor extends ConnectionManager

  12. abstract class SqlServerBaseDriver extends DriverType

  13. class StandardDBVendor extends ProtoDBVendor

    The standard DB vendor.

  14. class SuperConnection extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object DB extends DB1

  2. object DB1 extends AnyRef

  3. object DB2Driver extends DriverType

  4. object DBLog extends AnyRef

  5. object DBLogEntry extends AnyRef

  6. object DefaultConnectionIdentifier extends ConnectionIdentifier with Product with Serializable

  7. object DerbyDriver extends DriverType

  8. object DriverType extends AnyRef

  9. object H2Driver extends DriverType

  10. object MaxDbDriver extends DriverType

  11. object MySqlDriver extends DriverType

  12. object OracleDriver extends DriverType

    Driver for Oracle databases.

  13. object PostgreSqlDriver extends BasePostgreSQLDriver

    PostgreSql driver for versions 8.

  14. object PostgreSqlOldDriver extends BasePostgreSQLDriver

    PostgreSql driver for versions 8.

  15. object SqlServerDriver extends SqlServerBaseDriver

  16. object SqlServerPre2005Driver extends SqlServerBaseDriver

    Microsoft SQL Server driver for versions 2000 and below

  17. object StatementConstantDescriptions extends AnyRef

    This object defines some conversions from Int JDBC constants to descriptive strings

  18. object SuperConnection extends AnyRef

  19. object SybaseASEDriver extends SqlServerBaseDriver

    Sybase ASE Driver.

  20. object SybaseSQLAnywhereDriver extends SqlServerBaseDriver

    Sybase SQL Anywhere Driver.