package actor

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Type Members

  1. final class AbortedFutureException extends Exception

    Thrown if an LAFuture is aborted during a get

  2. trait ILAExecute extends AnyRef

  3. class JavaActorBase extends AnyRef

  4. class LAFuture[T] extends AnyRef

    A container that contains a calculated value or may contain one in the future

  5. trait LiftActor extends SpecializedLiftActor[Any] with GenericActor[Any] with ForwardableActor[Any, Any]

  6. class LiftActorJ extends JavaActorBase with LiftActor

    Java versions of Actors should subclass this method.

  7. case class PingerException(msg: String, e: Throwable) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

    Exception thrown if a ping can't be scheduled.

  8. trait SpecializedLiftActor[T] extends SimpleActor[T]

Value Members

  1. object ActorLogger extends Logger

  2. object JavaActorBase extends

  3. object LAFuture extends AnyRef

  4. object LAPinger extends AnyRef

    The ActorPing object schedules an actor to be ping-ed with a given message at specific intervals.

  5. object LAScheduler extends Loggable

  6. object LiftActorJ extends AnyRef

  7. object ThreadPoolRules extends AnyRef

    Rules for dealing with thread pools, both in lift-actor and in lift-util